Food52: protea for Thanksgiving

Food52 agrees: protea wines are perfect for Thanksgiving!

food52The popular culinary website, co-founded by author and former New York Times editor and writer Amanda Hesser, echoes our post from earlier this week with a suggestion that the protea Chenin Blanc and Red blend are the sort of versatile wines that shine on Thanksgiving – and adds that either bottle will make for a perfect gift to present to your dinner host. From Food52’s Cathy Huyghe:

Protea: Wine Bottle as Usable Art

Let’s say your host has a special affinity for graphics, design, or entertaining. Look for Protea wines from South Africa — either the white Chenin Blanc or the red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah are Thanksgiving food-friendly. But it’s what’s outside the bottle that will catch the eye first. Developed by former fashion designer Mark Eisen, the “label” is actually a pretty, organic, screen application that fuses nontoxic ink directly onto (and around) the bottle. It’s a conversation-starter right when you pull it from the bag and, better yet, your hostess will be able to use it again to hold water or flowers or whatever she can imagine.

You can see Cathy’s entire article here on the Food52 site.

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