Bottle Transformations: The Power of Inspiration

working with glass

You can get wine in a box, or even a can, and some of that stuff ain’t bad. Or so we’re told.

But let’s be honest: There’s something about a bottle – especially a beautiful bottle – that elevates the wine-drinking experience. It makes wine, even on the most prosaic of nights, a little bit celebratory. Kind of special.

This truth is what inspired our unique, designer-styled protea bottles – and in turn, we’ve been gratified to see how protea has inspired you.

OK, it’s not exactly original, but we’ll never tire of seeing a picture of a protea bottle (or five) with a pretty flower in it. (Got one? Bring it on!) But you’ve done more than that. You’ve also flattened protea bottles into serving trays, cut and worked them into star-shaped ornaments, and created candles, chandeliers and table lamps of various sizes and shapes.

To this, we say job well done and keep it up!

To stoke the fires of creativity further, this week we want to share a great collaboration by the designers at nutcreatives studio and lucirmás, recently featured on designboom. Watch how a bottle and a sheet of copper become the elegant “LaFlor Lamp.”

You can see more very cool stuff from lucirmás, whose motto is “sustainable glass which tells a story” – a sentiment we enthusiastically second – on their Web page.

Glass-working image at top via lucirmás Facebook page.

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