How To Make Wine Bottle Solar Lights

It’s officially the time of year when we spend more time outdoors than in. So most of my DIY projects right now have been focused on making our outdoor living spaces even more special.

These solar lights created from Protea wine bottles add an upscale touch to our patio. My husband and I have been enjoying the space in the evenings – with wine, of course.

Wine bottle solar lights Kim Woodward2

This project was my first foray into cutting glass, and I used this tutorial to cut a bottle in minutes.

Wine bottle solar lights Kim Woodward1

I think it’s something that takes a little practice, but it was fun to experiment. Not all of my cuts were perfect. But after a little sanding , they were ready to use nonetheless.

I had originally planned to mount the solar portion directly onto the wine bottle. But when I found these solar lights (for only $2.50), I decided to use the full top piece and just add it to the wine bottle as a base.

Wine bottle solar lights Kim Woodward5

This casts a brighter glow than using the darker bottle. And the top sits into the wine bottle without having to glue or permanently attach it.

After adding the solar light portion (the stake just pulls out), you can enjoy the new centerpiece. During the day, the solar collectors capture the energy.

Wine bottle solar lights Kim Woodward4

And in the evenings, the lights capture a warm glow.

Wine bottle solar lights Kim Woodward9

This was a fun project to make the solar lights look a lot more chic. Perfect for these summer nights on the patio.


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