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I have a tendency to wear my favorite pieces of jewelry almost every day. And at the end of the day, I often just tossed these pieces on the dresser instead of putting them away properly.

But not anymore!

I set out to create a jewelry display that looked great and kept those daily pieces organized and easily accessible. With an upcycled wine bottle and some scrap copper pipes, I think I accomplished my goal.

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display4

I was inspired by a local boutique display and set out to recreate the look with an upcycled Protea wine bottle.

I started with some ½ inch copper pipe, cut into three small pieces. We had this pipe leftover from past projects, but you can also find it in the plumbing section of your hardware store. With a copper tee (the piece in the middle) and two pressure caps (to finish the ends), we had all the supplies we needed for the jewelry display.

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display1

You could really just assemble these pieces together and be finished, but my husband has the tools and experience to solder the pieces. This created a nice finished look. Just a little flame and solder wire on each of the seams.

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display2

Finally, we used a wire brush to clean the copper (which was oxidized with time).

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display3

Then, we simply slid the copper pieces into a wine bottle for a lovely jewelry display. (We used some leftover copper tubing to keep the copper in place, but you could also lengthen the vertical piece of copper pipe to account for the height of the wine bottle.)

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display6

My favorite dangly earrings even got a spot in the neck.

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display5

To keep the display from feeling crowded, I chose only a few of my most-worn pieces. My favorite part is that it’s beautiful and easily accessible.

Protea wine bottle copper jewelry display7

I love nothing more than solving a problem and creating beautiful things! Do you create upcycled storage solutions in your home?


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