How To: Make Sweater Wine Gift Bags

My favorite type of projects are those that are inspired at a retail store.

Such is the case with these sweater wine bags. I spotted their doppelgangers for about $10 at a gift store around Thanksgiving and knew I could make something myself for a fraction of the price.

The best part? I like my version better.

Upcycled sweater wine bottle bags5

I whipped up these wine bottle bags to keep on hand for upcoming holiday parties. They are the perfect hostess gift, and look like I spent a lot of time slaving away. In truth, I made four of these in less than 30 minutes.

I feel like a Christmas ninja.

I started with two cable-knit sweaters from the thrift store. I bought them for about $2 each. I chose holiday colors and thick knits. These are both brand names and were in great shape.

Sweaters bef

After a quick wash, I cut off the sleeves. (This project was completed in the same way that I finished the flannel shirt bags in the fall. One can never have enough wine bags, in my humble opinion.)


Next, turn the sleeve inside out and sew the opening closed. With these sweaters, the bottoms tapered out.  (These sweaters were a ladies’ small size.)

When you turn the sleeve back out, there’s a perfect sweater gift bag for a bottle of Protea wine.

Sweater sleeves sewn

I made my bags look a little like a turtleneck by rolling them a few times and finishing them off with a piece of ribbon.

Upcycled sweater wine bottle bags6

I can’t wait to share these with friends this holiday season.  Because I don’t think there’s many gifts that are better than a great bottle of wine!

Upcycled sweater wine bottle bags5



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