Show Off Your Christmas Cards With this DIY Cork Display

With the holidays only a few days away, you may have a stack of lovely Christmas cards on your coffee table. Or maybe they are taped to your wall?

Create something better to enjoy those holiday cards – using wine corks you have collected throughout the year.

And when the holiday trimmings come down, this project can be repurposed as a memo station for notes and photos throughout the year.

Cork Christmas card holder

Start with a piece of stained trim and 11 corks. This is the perfect way to use up scrap pieces of wood you have in the garage.

cork card holder1


Glue each cork to the piece of trim, leaving space in between.


cork card holder2


After the glue dries, add a ribbon to the top and hang on the wall.

Cork Christmas card holder

Each cork makes the perfect spot to pin a card (or photograph).

cork holiday card holder2

This project can be created to any length – making it the perfect solution for any blank wall in your home.

cork holiday card holder1


So take a break from shopping and wrapping all those last minutes. And take a few minutes to create a better solution for that stack of cards gathering dust.


cork holiday card holder3


Happy Holidays from the whole Protea team!


Kim-2 (2)  Kim is an unapologetic DIYer who lives in an old barn on 17 acres in rural Illinois. She makes (long) lists, drinks (good) wine, renovates (ugly) houses, upcycles (all the) things, and writes about the adventures along the way at

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