Signs of Spring: Indoor Wine Bottle Planter

Where I live in the Midwest, we are still a long way away from warm weather. So, while we can’t plant anything outside, there are ways to bring springtime blooms indoors.

That’s why I think January is the perfect time to force bulbs. It’s such an easy way to bring a little springtime to the middle of winter.

And I discovered that a wine bottle is the perfect size for a single paperwhites bulb. (I tried several other bulbs as well, but this seemed to be the best fit for the bottle.) The result is such a cute reminder that winter doesn’t last forever.

wine bottle forced bulbs1

I started by cutting a Protea wine bottle. (I actually did this at the same time I cut wine bottles for the ring holder I shared last week.)

Once my bottle was cut, I set to the planting. Bulbs can be forced indoors in several ways. For this project, I used soil, but you can also try rocks instead. Once I filled the bottle about 75 percent full with soil, I added a single bulb.

(Quick tip: Many stores have these bulbs on clearance after the holidays. It’s the perfect time to pick them up.)

The maintenance required is very low. Just check the soil and keep it damp. Within the first week, I started to see the roots through the bottle. And within a few weeks, the stem was growing dramatically.

Within 4 weeks, the paperwhite bloomed.

wine bottle forced bulbs2

And over 10 days later, it’s still going strong. It’s really a fun and simple project for these cold winter days.

It would also be pretty to do this with more than one bulb, to create a wine bottle garden of blooms.

wine bottle forced bulbs4


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