Show Off Your Christmas Cards With this DIY Cork Display

With the holidays only a few days away, you may have a stack of lovely Christmas cards on your coffee table. Or maybe they are taped to your wall? Create something better to enjoy those holiday cards – using wine corks you have collected throughout the year. And when the holiday trimmings come down, this […]

Cork Christmas card holder


DIY: How to Make Cork Ornaments

Every year, I make an ornament for our tree with the year on it. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but it’s a fun way to get crafty and add something handmade to our Christmas tree. I also love to use materials I already have on hand. This year, I turned to my collection of […]

What’s in Wine?

What’s truly beguiling about wine is how directly it comes from nature. Wine isn’t so much made as it is guided into existence. Wine wants to be.

shutterstock_hands in grapes


How To: Make Sweater Wine Gift Bags

My favorite type of projects are those that are inspired at a retail store. Such is the case with these sweater wine bags. I spotted their doppelgangers for about $10 at a gift store around Thanksgiving and knew I could make something myself for a fraction of the price. The best part? I like my […]

DIY: Wine Charms for the Holidays

My favorite parts of the holiday season are the parties. My calendar is already filling up with gatherings – which means friends, family, and lots of delicious food and drinks. With Christmas on the horizon, I set out to make a set of wine charms for our own holiday party this year. These are a […]

wine cork diy 2