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Fruity White Wine Sangria Recipe for Valentine’s Day

I like to stay home for Valentine’s Day, and we have a tradition of inviting other friends over to beat the hustle at restaurants on the holiday. If you are also entertaining for the day of love, try your hand at a big pitcher of fruity sangria. It’s a fun and unique drink for guests, […]

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Easy DIY: How to Make Upcycled Oil and Vinegar Bottles

I love keeping oil and vinegar near the stove for easy access. That way I’m not searching cupboards when I need to pan fry olive oil or stir up a homemade salad dressing. But the mismatched bottles were an eyesore, and many of the oils are now coming in even uglier plastic bottles. So I […]

Upcycle: How to DIY Your Next Wine and Cheese Party

When we entertain, I love to pick up a few varieties of cheese at the local grocery store and make a simple cheese tray. It’s perfect for almost any crowd, and is easy to customize with a variety of other add-ons – like olives, fruit or crackers. And what is better with cheese than wine? […]

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How to Host a Wine Tasting Party

You might not experience the romance and splendor of Wine Country, but as far as learning about wine, hosting a wine tasting party – rather than going wine tasting – can’t be beat. It’ll sharpen your palate like nothing else, be great fun for you and your friends, and is surprisingly simple to undertake.  Here’s […]

Ice Bucket Challenge, Wine Version: Summer Chillin’

How cold is too cold? Will the wine police show up if I put an ice cube in my glass? Why won’t the fridge hurry up and cool down that bottle? With chilling season on the way – you know, hangin’ by the pool, glass of Chenin Blanc in hand, maybe a little grill action […]

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