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What Goes with protea Chenin Blanc?

It didn’t take long during the recent Whole Foods Twitter tasting for someone to offer a food pairing for the protea Chenin Blanc (grilled chicken with fresh herbs, if you were wondering). A second suggestion soon followed (gruyère cheese). And then came another one (chicken pot pie). This rush to pair was no surprise, really: […]


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Inspired by the Beauty of the Protea

If you do a Google image search for “proteas,” you’ll find a vast array of pictures of amazing flowers – and a picture of a cricket team. That’s how deeply the protea is engrained in South Africa’s consciousness: The hugely popular cricket team is called “the Proteas”! Proteas the flowers, meanwhile, are part of the […]

Che Syrah, Shiraz

In our recent piece about blends, we noted that the protea Red is a combination of Cabernet  Sauvignon (65 percent), Merlot (30 percent) and Shiraz (5 percent). This led to an inquiry: “Why does protea use Shiraz instead of Syrah?” Now there’s a question that brings to mind that great line from Cool Hand Luke: […]


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Blends Bend – and Honor – Wine Traditions

For a long time, people didn’t concern themselves with which grape varieties went into the wine in their glass. It was a wine from Moulis-en-Medoc, say, or Cotes du Ventoux, or Chianti, so that’s what it was. Then along came New World winemakers with their emphasis on grape varieties, leading to a newfangled thing called […]

Chenin Blanc: A Wine On The Rise

We’re a culture that loves trend-watching, and it’s no different in wine, where pundits, marketers and merchants often keep one eye out for The Next Big Thing, pondering and predicting what varietal will rise up and capture the imbibing world’s attention. The truth of the matter, though, is that next big things in wine are […]