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Ice Bucket Challenge, Wine Version: Summer Chillin’

How cold is too cold? Will the wine police show up if I put an ice cube in my glass? Why won’t the fridge hurry up and cool down that bottle? With chilling season on the way – you know, hangin’ by the pool, glass of Chenin Blanc in hand, maybe a little grill action […]

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Why Chenin Blanc Is Your Food and Wine Pairing Bestie

You can find a lot of articles on the Web purporting to unlock the mysteries of wine and food pairing, and many of them do offer helpful insight. But as Eric Asimov put it in the New York Times, “The truth is that experience is the only surefire method for feeling more at ease with wine and food. To […]

Chenin Secrets: Why This Grape Is No Blanc Slate

Are you new to Chenin Blanc? It’s a grape with a long history, but here in the U.S., a lot of people are just now discovering it. To help you deepen your Chenin knowledge base, we’ve gathered up a few fast facts about the grape. Try ’em on your friends – preferably with a glass of Chenin […]

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The Start of Something Big: 2015 Chenin Blanc Harvest

There comes a crossroads in every wine-grape harvest where no matter what happened early in the season, Mother Nature takes the wheel and steers the car either down a smooth road or a rocky one. In South Africa this year, she’s been a good driver, bringing excellent conditions for the harvest of the grapes that […]