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Learn About Wine: The Oak Equation

Remember when big, fat, oaky Chardonnays were all the rage? About the time when Crockett and Tubbs were doing the T-shirt under Armani thing in Miami, if memory serves. Yep, those were the days of sweet, buttery Chards, overflowing with caramel, vanilla and toast. Was there even any fruit hidden under the plank of wood? […]

Answering the Thanksgiving Wine Question

Maybe you’ve got your Thanksgiving wines picked out. Or maybe you don’t. Doesn’t really matter; this is just the beginning of the holiday party season, bringing plenty more opportunities to make good wine choices. Here’s how to proceed: Suggestion 1: Don’t sweat it! Sure you want the wines you serve – or bring – to be great. But […]


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Chenin Blanc: South African Wine Magic

“Chenin is lovely. And it does well in South Africa. This should be the most important take-home message. Buy it! It’s usually really great value for money.” – Wine author Jamie Goode Chenin Blanc was among the first varieties planted by Jan Van Riebeeck in 1655 – yes, 1655! – at the very beginning of winegrowing […]

Have Gazebo, Will Pour

We loved Renegade Craft Fair’s Chicago Mini Market so much back in June, we’re going back for the big show, the 12th Annual September Market this weekend in Chicago – and we’ll be there in style. Thanks to Green Mountain Gazebo, a small family business out of Vermont, we’ve got an awesome new platform to […]

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