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Answering the Thanksgiving Wine Question

Maybe you’ve got your Thanksgiving wines picked out. Or maybe you don’t. Doesn’t really matter; this is just the beginning of the holiday party season, bringing plenty more opportunities to make good wine choices. Here’s how to proceed: Suggestion 1: Don’t sweat it! Sure you want the wines you serve – or bring – to be great. But […]


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Going Naked for All the Right Reasons

Oak wasn’t seen as a “flavor” agent. Not a couple of millennia ago, when it began to replace amphorae in the making and shipping wine. Oak, writes Jamie Goode in The Science of Wine, “just happened to be the best way of storing and transporting liquid, and until the advent of epoxy-lined cement and stainless-steel […]

How the protea Red Blend Got Even Better

How do you make a great wine even better? In the case of the protea Red, you get input from two experts on fashioning beautiful red blends for the U.S. market. The 2012 Red is 100 percent grown and made in South Africa, taking advantage of protea’s excellent Western Cape vineyards and talented winemaker, Dawie […]

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Che Syrah, Shiraz

In our recent piece about blends, we noted that the protea Red is a combination of Cabernet  Sauvignon (65 percent), Merlot (30 percent) and Shiraz (5 percent). This led to an inquiry: “Why does protea use Shiraz instead of Syrah?” Now there’s a question that brings to mind that great line from Cool Hand Luke: […]

Blends Bend – and Honor – Wine Traditions

For a long time, people didn’t concern themselves with which grape varieties went into the wine in their glass. It was a wine from Moulis-en-Medoc, say, or Cotes du Ventoux, or Chianti, so that’s what it was. Then along came New World winemakers with their emphasis on grape varieties, leading to a newfangled thing called […]

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